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    Our main goal is the supply of tailor-made solutions satisfying today’s requirements on reliability,
    quality and price. Our great satisfaction are customers confirming full mill availability
    for production over long years.

    With over 30 years experience, GRIP Engineering is the world wide leader of roll spray systems
    with magnetically activated valves without any pneumatics.

    Our 100% independent company brings the background to build custom specific solutions.
    The systems are supplied as “ready to be installed” and include drawings and electrical
    schematics. Our customers in Africa, America, Asia and Europe base their confidence
    on experiences with our engineering solutions and support.



   -We are a Swiss engineering firm complying with the highest quality standard.
   -We work on individual solutions for our clients around the world.We are a reliable
     partner and guarantee our products and service.
   -We work as team, competent, friendly and prompt.
   -We demand high quality standards from our suppliers and respect good performance.
   -Our growth and evolution base on our focus on innovation.
   -Creativity, research and exchange of know-how are our permanent concern.
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